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Jet2 Discriminate Against Disabled Passengers

I had a week’s holiday booked with Thomas Cook, one week all-inclusive two hotel rooms for four people priced at £2800 (we know what happened there).

I was due to fly within 28 days. We were going on holiday with friends who had booked with a different holiday company, not wanting to let my son down (his first holiday with friends his own age) I went ahead and re-booked the holiday separately and the only flights available were with Jet2.

I have never flown with Jet2 before and bloody hell did they take advantage of Thomas Cook going into liquidation, just for the flights only cost me a whopping £2300 for 2 adults 1 child, I have never paid that much for flights when traveling to the USA in my life.

Flights booked credit card well and truly maxed I started to plan, first I called Jet2 Special Assistance. All was going well, transfer onto the aircraft etc book, I gave the height of my power chair 91cm (standard adult powerchair height).

The advisor asked if my power chair could fold down, my reply was no it doesn’t fold down. I was then told I could not take my chair on holiday with me as it won’t fit through the cargo doors.

Special Assistance: “well can’t you just use a normal chair?”

Me: “what’s a normal chair?”

Special Assistance: “One you push yourself in”.

Me: “Well no I use a power chair for a reason not because I’m too lazy to push myself”.

Special Assistance: “Well unless you can fold your power chair down to 81cm then you will not be able to bring your power chair with you”.

Me: “Ok so I need my power chair it’s quite a necessity of life so can I cancel my flights and get a refund?”.

Special Assistance: “No you are not entitled to a refund read the terms and conditions”.

1. Who even reads the terms and conditions because let’s face it there about 200 pages.

2. I have never ever had a problem taking my chair on any flight and I have been on many flights in the past.

The Assistant was very snotty and unhelpful no customer service skill The worst airline i'v used s (I didn’t get her name as I was in shock to what I was being told).

Stress levels at an all time high of the thought of telling my son we are not going on holiday and me losing £2300 I looked at other options. I knew a self propelling wheelchair wasn’t possible as I would have no independence and who would push me around?.

Not to let anything stop me I found a lightweight power chair that folds down that I could hire. Another £300 to pay out for 2 weeks hire my cheap holiday to Turkey had cost more than my last trip to New York. The Horizon Gadabout is a great invention but not at all suitable for a full-time wheelchair user. I felt like I was sat on the floor I was that low down, for a whole week my bum cheeks ached because I didn’t have my own suitable seating. I think everyone must of got fed up of me saying 20 times per day “I want my chair”. It was an ok drive got me around the resort but was nothing compared to how my chair can move. As all full-time wheelchair users know, your chair becomes part of you, it is your legs and independence. Using a new chair takes time to get used to, it can be frustrating, uncomfortable and a general pain in the ass.

I have found other complaints from wheelchair users about Jet2 and how they could not use their own power chair. Below is contact information for a few airlines so you can check there mobility requirements before booking you flight.


Telephone: 0800 408 5591


Telephone:  0800 998 1130

Ryan Air

Tel: 02032856488


Telephone: 0203 451 2585 (UK)


Telephone: 0 207 308 0812

This is once you have booked your flight

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