About Me

I was diagnosed at aged 2yrs with a condition called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (Yep Kids get arthritis too).  

JRA is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the body mistakenly identifies some of its own cells and tissues as foreign. The immune system, which normally helps to fight off harmful, foreign substances such as bacteria or viruses, begins to attack healthy cells and tissues. The result is inflammation -- marked by redness, heat, pain, and swelling.

It all started with my elbow swelling one day and within 12 weeks every joint from my jaw to my toes was affected.  Most of my childhood was spent in Alder Hey children's Hospital, looking back I actually only remember all the fun and laughs I had whilst staying in hospital, I don't focus on the pain I was in.

In the past 36yrs I have went through multiple surgeries including six joint replacement (I’m the real Terminator) battled depression and anxiety, carried a child which was something I never thought I would manage & raised my son as a single parent.  I have broken down every barrier life has given me but the one barrier that never goes away is Accessibility.  

I have always used a wheelchair for as long as I can remember and although in the past 36 years access to the world has improved drastically, there are still huge barriers for wheelchair users living their everyday lives.  Something as simple as going out for food with friends can become a chore, can I get inside the place?? Is there accessible toilets?? 

My aim is to create this blog to give as much information on accessible places within the U.K and worldwide.


I want to hear from you if you have visited a place that has great access for all.